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The Wisdom Hospice is now run by the Palliative Care Services of the Medway Community Healthcare. The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice makes an annual grant of £558,000 towards the running costs of the hospice. This grant makes up about 30% of the total running costs.

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Alice D. Lopez

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Betty B. Blackwood

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Too Old to Learn the Piano?

Many people wish they could learn the piano, however, wonder whether they are too old to start learning. Often it may be perplexing when you see numerous young pianist playing very innovative items. You will likely question how they became so efficient at such a young age. This may lead you to wonder whether you can learn even though you didn’t start young. After taking some piano lessons in Sacramento I decided you’re never too old, here’s why.

The human mind is fantastic; we have a capacity of discovering new things even in old age. The reason that people may ask this inquiry is that it might seem that most of the learning that takes place in today’s culture is in colleges as well as universities, areas mainly inhabited by young people. School isn’t just for mentoring young people, I have seen people in their 60s take brand-new college training courses and prosper. Although this is not proper, there could be some truth to it.So are you ever before too old to begin finding out the piano? The reality is a big fat NO.

Why Is it Easier When you are Younger?

Now I would be lying if I didn’t agree that it is easier to find out something when you are younger. We have a lot more “finding out” power when we are young. That’s why it is better to learn a second language when you are a just a toddler. The factor for this is that when we are younger our minds are still creating, and also they get in a state of plasticity, so it is naturally simpler to absorb information. Nevertheless, when we are older, we have a better understanding of the best ways to do things efficiently.

When the piano is discovered at a young age, generally it is the effort of the moms and dads to get their youngsters in piano lessons. This results in students becoming uninterested as they do not have an understanding of just how essential routines are. Eventually, students could quit piano since they are not having fun.

Older is better?

So perhaps it is in fact far better to start learning the piano when you are older since you have a much better understanding of just what you intend to achieve as well as how you can attain it. You could organize your life to suit regular practice and also could actively seek out songs and also mentors to get much better. If you maintain it, you will certainly progress faster than young pianists who are withdrawn as well as do not practice routinely.

Although you may be getting on in years, age is not an excuse to not start discovering piano. Sure it might be a bit more difficult to learn brand-new things when we are older, but that can be supplemented by initiative and hard work.

Top 5 Benefits of Hospice Care

Hospice is one setup that most of us aren’t going to take easily if we aren’t aware of the benefits that it can cater. Hospice is a type of support both physically and emotionally for the chronically ill patients during the last few days or months of their life. Most people who are dying and are counting their days find hard to live a peaceful life once they come to know of it. That is the reason as to why such people are given the opportunity to get to a place where they provide hospice care. So here are some of the benefits of Hospice care.

Top 5 Benefits of Hospice Care

Home-like environment:

Most people do not want to get into hospice care because they will have to be a part of hospitals or healthcare centres. They also have a fear that they will have to live with other patients. But to the contrary, hospice is a bit of expensive care, and you can do it in the home as well. Also, the comfort of the patient is their primary concern, and they do not might changing things if that would comfort the patient and make him or her feel at home.

Professional care:

Hospice can be a sensitive issue and a person no less than a qualified professional can handle the patient and take care of the issue. So almost all hospice treatments have professionals involved as a part of their routine. Though most hospice patients are counting their days, treatment cannot be stopped, considering the chances of the person surviving. In that case, they will also require medical aid and hospice provides it to the patient.

They go easy on patients:

Handling patients aren’t easy. Each of them has different nature, and all of them demand to be treated with dignity and hospice care centres understand that. They make sure that their patients are treated with dignity, and they care for them. Though they are bound to provide medical support for the patient, at the same time, they will not hurt the patient to prolong their life. They are trying to provide a peaceful death.

The honour their patient’s wishes:

The primary concern of the hospice care centres if the keep the patient happy and content during their last few days and they do not mind fulfilling some of their final desires. They provide the patients with whatever they wish for, and they also try to fulfil some of their wishes. By doing so, they can emotionally comfort the person and keep them happy.

Your insurance helps:

Hospice care might be a requirement at times, but then it cannot be affordable in all the cases. However, your insurance policies have got your back. You can avail the hospice care with the help of your insurance policies, and in fact, most medical insurance policies cover that for you. Apart from that they also help the patient and his family by customising the facilities so that they are not financially burdened.

Things you should know about Hospice Care

Hospice is one of the most misunderstood concepts. You will never be able to comprehend how a hospice centre works unless you have been there for someone. The first thing you have to understand is that hospice care is not as scary as you think and that you have been living under the wrong impression for a larger part of your life. So here are some of the things that you have to know about the hospice care.

Things you should know about Hospice Care

Hospice centres can actually prolong life:

Though hospice centres are for people who are counting their days, it is important to note that hospice centres can actually prolong the life of the patient for a couple of months. This is actually the best way to help a patient get rid of the medical procedures and hurting the body. Hospice will give them the opportunity to experience life in the best way possible so that they will have a peaceful death as well. So hospice doesn’t mean a place for you to go and die.

Insurance policies help you:

Most of the medical insurance policies cover hospice care as a part of the benefits while most of us aren’t aware of this a few of us feel wary. Now that we know that hospice centres are not something to be terrified of, the next time you look for medical insurance make sure that they have covered for the hospice care as well.

Not just for the elderly and the terminally sick

Most people think that these hospice centers are only for the elderly or aged people. This need not have to be the car. Nice care might be a requirement for a young person as well. At the same time or is also important to note that hospice is not a place for cancer and AIDS patients alone.  Since hospice centres help you get psychologically better, all patients are welcome here.

In and out procedures

The procedure for getting into a hospice centre can be hard. You will need physicians who will certify that a person is in need of hospice care and comfort. The hospice centres also make it a compulsion these days that you will have to hold a medical policy as well. However, if you are not interested in the hospice service or if you feel that it isn’t worth all this, then you can get out of it anytime as you please.

You will still have medical support

Even if you are in the hospice centre, your regular doctors can check and provide you with medical support as and when you want. This is also an advantage for the patient. He or she can take a look at the doctor. So it is clear that in hospice one need not have to get rid of medical support in hospice centres.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a real

difference to the Hospice.


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