Board of Trustees

Our board of Trustees have a wide range of skills and experience which are used to help, advise and support us in our work.

Honorary President: Mr Peter Jennings FRCS

Honorary Vice Presidents:

Mr Harold Rogers

Miss Betty Taylor

Mr Jim Wootten

Mr Bob Coleman


Honorary Treasurer: Mr Simon Galton BA FCCA

Honorary Secretary: Mrs Sylvia Fairbrace MIEx

The Council of Management

Mrs Margaret Barker – Chairman

Mrs Anne Skinner – Vice Chairman
Mr Ray Harris – Chairman, Finance committee
Mrs Shirley Berry – Trustee Director

Mr Bob Coleman – Trustee Director

Mr John Mangan – Trustee Director

Mrs Coralie McKee – Trustee Director
Mrs Maureen Mead – Trustee Director
Mrs Pam Moss – Trustee Director
Mrs Tessa Sillars – Trustee Director

Mr David Turner – Trustee Director

Mr Jim Wootten – Trustee Director